• Strategic Wealth Management

Strategic Wealth Management

With tightened regulatory frameworks and increased volatility globally across asset classes over the past five years has brought added intricacy to investment and tax planning. More so than ever, wealth management requires very specific knowledge and extensive experience.

Numerous companies are able to provide investment management solutions; they can also provide tax planning. However, only a handful can provide effective strategic wealth management bringing together these two disciplines together which ensures a client’s portfolio operates consistently.


“There is no greater wealth than wisdom, no greater poverty than ignorance; no greater heritage than culture and no greater support than consultation.”

Wealth Creation takes a holistic view to plan clients’ global assets. This includes the structuring of their investment portfolio, the mitigation of riska nd saving vehicles to maximize their investment opportunities. With the correct pension/ superannuation/ Kiwi Saver planning, and the optimized management of currency always in the most tax efficient manner.

This approach can make a significant difference to a client’s long-term wealth. The tax treatment of non-qualifying and qualifying investments can vary by in excess of 20%. Clearly this can create significant erosion of a portfolio of investment over time, even when the investment strategy is successful.

We have found that many individuals globally require this form of strategic wealth planning, especially those whom have businesses and families across jurisdictions. At the end of the day, strategic wealth management/ planning is a puzzle, which only makes sense when the numerous pieces are put together correctly and this is our goal.

Investment Management Services

The markets globally are becoming progressively complex.

Our clients come to us with their investment capital and it is our duty to preserve their wealth while at the same time grow it in a safe and secure manner.

In order to achieve this, we have proven experience and specialism across hedge funds, commodities, equities and fixed income that is structured in order to achieve consistent solid returns even during times market turbulence and uncertainty.