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1. Account Registration Details

2. Account Security Question

In line with our policy on Client Account Security, please provide the answer to a security question below. You may be asked to provide this information should you need to reset your online account log-in details to confirm you are the registered account holder of record. Please make a note of all your log-in credentials and keep them in a safe place, and never disclose your log-in details to any person not associated with your account.

3. Personal Information (Primary Account Holder)

Customer Agreement

In consideration of Wealth Creation acting as broker and accepting one or more accounts to trade stocks, equities, bonds, commodities, futures, options on futures, currencies, over-the-counter or other market/exchange financial products for the undersigned ("Customer"), it is agreed with respect to all accounts, whether upon margin or otherwise, which the Customer now has or may at any future time have with Wealth Creation, including accounts from time to time closed and then re-opened, as follows:


Wealth Creation is your Introducing Broker. Wealth Creation will introduce your account, as necessary, to a clearing firm of mutual choosing. We are responsible for accepting Customer's orders and executing transactions, for receipt, delivery and protection of Customer's funds and property and for maintaining books and records concerning Customer's account. As Customer's Introducing Broker, Wealth Creation is responsible for opening and servicing Customer's account, communicating with Customer on all matters concerning Customer's account and in some cases accepting and transmitting orders for Customer's account.

Commission and Fees

Customer agrees to pay a commission, as applicable, to cover services and risk in servicing Customer's account. The commission amount that a Customer pays will be determined and negotiated between Wealth Creation and Customer, and will reflect the amount of personalized service and management that Customer may need or be provided with as well as the risk associated with Customer's account/accounts. From time to time, commissions may be re-evaluated or re-negotiated, but not without Customer's prior notification of said change.

All accounts will be considered "dormant" until activated and funded. Until an account trades,there is no commission charges or management fees. An account that is dormant does not have a maintenance charge associated with it. Any change to the the structure of the fees or commission will only take place after prior notification to clientele.

4. Acknowledgement and Acceptance

By checking this box and by typing my/our signature(s) below and forwarding this application form to Wealth Creation via the Internet, I/we acknowledge, understand and agree to the Customer Agreement as set forth above and verify that all information submitted in this application to be true and correct. Further, I/we understand and agree that my/our electronic signature(s) is/are the equivalent of a manual signature and that Wealth Creation may rely upon it/them as such.