• Investment Solutions

Investment Solutions

Investment Solutions

With our sole focus on the preservation and growth of capital in a sustainable manner, our investment methodology is founded on diversification across asset classes, as well as within them. This is a strategy that assists us is diluting the risk and return profiles of each asset class. This investment ethos is based on four pillars

  • Risk Management
  • Transparency
  • Discipline
  • Autonomy

Our investment solutions are bespoke and through design able to meet the particular investment objectives of each client.

The effective management of risk is at the heart of everything that we do. We are centered on the preservation of capital; in many cases infusing derivative overlays in order to mitigate investment risk on behalf of our clientele.


This comprehensive investment process is aimed at preserving our client’s investment capital so it delivers when it matters most.

Our investment model has 4 distinct stages

  • Global Perspective

    We research and analyze political and macroeconomic events which allows us to develop forward-looking views on what risks and returns for each asset class will be. In turn, we translate these views into actionable asset allocation recommendations for clients

  • Sub Asset Classes

    Our specialist teams dig deeper into hedge funds, commodities, equities and fixed income dynamically allocating sub asset-classes, geographies, sectors and industries which is dependent on relative opportunity sets at any given time

  • Bottom Up Selection

    Specific securities within these sub-asset classes which involves extensive due diligence of hedge fund investments, equities and even debt security investments

  • Dynamic Risk Management

    This includes corrective actions and risk-anticipation in order to safeguard assets