• Fund Structure

Fund Structure

Fund Structure

Being independently owned we have the flexibility to provide our clients Funds that are managed by ourselves and those that are managed by third parties.

Funds that are managed by ourselves are in commodities, fixed income, equities and hedge funds.

  • Three fixed income funds which have inherent and various risk to return objectives; the Wealth Creation Global Growth Fixed Income Fund, the Wealth Creation Balanced Fixed Income Fund and the Wealth Creation Global Conservative Fixed Income Fund. Each fund invests in a range of securities across fixed income markets globally which includes emerging market bonds, corporate bonds (high yield and investment grade) and government bonds
  • Four equity funds; Wealth Creation Emerging Markets Equity Fund, Wealth Creation Star Equity Fund, Wealth Creation US Star Equity Fund and the Wealth Creation Global Defensive Equity Fund. Through design these provide diversified exposure to the stock markets globally via diligently selected investment opportunities

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