• Compliant Reporting

Compliant Reporting

Financial reporting and compliance requirement worldwide have increased as the effects of regulation has increased and regulators have become increasingly coordinated and stricter in their implementation of financial regulations. These requirements are complicated and the penalties for not complying are austere.

As an example U.S. citizens have to deal with legislation which includes FATCA and the Hire Act, both of these have significantly increased their reporting burden. Within mainland Europe, the MIFID and AIFMD have created additional requirements for investors and businesses. In the United Kingdom changes to the regulatory structure and the Retail Distribution Review have foisted new requirements.


The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.

Having spent almost two decades effectively planning wealth on behalf of our clients. Wealth Creation provides complete, compliant reporting to all major regulators globally. The reporting extends across all our clients offshore assets and to unify and simplify the process so clients have a single point of contact (SPOC) who fully understands their particular planning situation in full, having the experience and knowledge necessary to organize all aspects of compliance on their behalf.

Similarly, we have the capacity to change these reporting structures to meet individual requirements. The cost of badly managed compliance and reporting are extensive, although this is a factor that our clients do not have to fear. We are ultimately a “Safe Pair of Hands”.